Type blocks used on a letterpress which shows where my love for graphic design begins and introduces you to the About Sam Sammut page.

Welcome to my website! My name is Sam Sammut; a Graphic Designer, Typographer and Photographer. I feel that being creative is a great way to express yourself, with the added benefit of helping business’ with their advertising and marketing output.

Graphic Designer’s are evolving from print exclusives, to digital platform creatives. This modernisation helps to bring clients inline with current trends of advertising and marketing. I’m very passionate about getting involved with all forms of communication. Graphic Designers should be as versatile as possible will result in making your vision a reality.

Feel free to contact me with your creative ideas and I’ll see where I can help. Alternatively I can point you in the right direction using my network of creative folk.

Some areas I specialise in include:

  • Print design (from stationery to brochures)
  • Branding design and concept creation
  • Web design and UI design
  • Social media design and campaign creative
  • Project management

If you would like to learn more about my interests and where I draw inspiration from, then please visit my design blog over at — blog.samsammut.com.