Falte SS font

This font project required me to explore and create a modular typeface. The typeface was created using 5mm squares and right angled triangles. The name Falte means fold in German. All the strips on the poster can be cut out and folded to the exact size of the letterforms on the poster.

The typeface was named Falte because my inspiration for the project was Josef Albers, a German-born American, who taught at the Bauhaus, which was a German design school at the forefront of Modernist design.

After the project was finished, I later chose to development the drawings and vector shapes I created into a real world font.

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SS Falte font poster in-situe with cyan and yellow print
SS Falte characters close up K
SS Falte unfolded letter strips
SS Falter characters q x
SS Falter folded character k front
SS Falter folded character k back

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