Kurve SS font

This brief required me to create a printed or digital publication. I chose the printed form and font creation for Kurve SS. The focus was on two methodologies from differing times and communicate the impact of technology in one of five ways.

I chose to look at how blended technologies work in a single brief workflow. From here I chose to narrate and record the process of creating a typeface in Illustrator. I researched two varying practitioners (C86 and Erik Spiekermann) and then recorded my process of creation, from hand-rendered to digital. I also reflected on how error effects the workflow for both methodologies.

After the project was finished, I later chose to development the drawings and vector shapes I created into a real world Kurve SS font.

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SS Kurve front cover photo of my workspace showing letterform production as black and white print outs
SS Kurve book introduction with large numbers used to section the book into parts
SS Kurve initial drawings showing the letterform grid and structure
SS Kurve construction of the letterform shapes and red lines grid
SS Kurve letterform and construction shapes as an overlay using tracing paper
SS Kurve final letterform close-up

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